About Brenda

Realizing that my lack of quality sleep was starting to affect my job performance, I knew something had to change. I became determined to regain control over my sleep and began researching various strategies to help improve my insomnia.

I brought my sleep troubles to my primary doctor, who whipped out a whole questionnaire. I really struggled when asked if I was experiencing any additional stress or anxiety.

In a banking management role, my job got bigger every time I began to progress. But it builds over time, and that complicates the answer.

I hadn’t felt over my head in any job aspect until my rest was so bad that I’d sit in my car at lunch and try to cat nap. But was fatigue causing the stress or vice-versa?

I’m not sure I will ever really answer that riddle, but I did solve my insomnia.

Hi, I’m Brenda, and I understand firsthand how insomnia can impact every aspect of life. A few years ago, I found myself struggling to fall asleep night after night. My mind was consumed with thoughts about work, deadlines, and missed opportunities – and the loneliness that often accompanies a demanding career.


It dawned on me that the mounting pressure from work had become too much to bear, leaving me exhausted during the day and unable to find peaceful slumber at night.

Through trial and error, I eventually implemented a consistent sleep schedule, established a bedtime routine that winds me down with reading and meditation, and declared my bedroom a sanctuary for rest. I also took steps to manage stress by building some exercise, mindfulness, and therapy into my life.

These changes led to quick improvements in my sleep patterns. Although there were still challenging nights here and there, I began falling asleep faster and staying asleep until that doggone alarm clock would ring.

The difference in my daytime focus and productivity was undeniable – it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders! I started moving up the corporate ladder again, too.

These adjustments had me journaling, saving browser bookmarks and ordering Kindle books on the daily. I’ve pulled it all together create this website as a resource for others experiencing similar struggles with insomnia.

Here you’ll find tips on establishing healthy sleep habits, managing stress effectively, creating a serene environment suitable for restful sleep – all based on what worked best for me during my own war with insomnia.

I know firsthand that the journey towards better sleep is ongoing; setbacks do happen along the way but don’t be discouraged! If we prioritize our well-being by actively changing bad patterns, it leads to healthier sleep and a more balanced life.

Join me on the path to improved rest, where we tackle insomnia one night at a time.

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