INSOMNIA | Your Body And Mind Won’t Let You Sleep

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This is not going to be the same old boring Insomnia book you feel like you’ve read before. It’s a very refreshing read with lots of humor laced throughout. We all need to laugh more and I guarantee when you finish this book, you will have a smile on your face.

Now, I don’t need 176 pages or “more” to tell you how to cure your Insomnia. Let’s face it. You’re tired right now! Do you really have the patience or the brain power to absorb that much information? No, I didn’t think so.

Believe me this book is not padded with long-winded explanations. I get right down to the nitty gritty. In the fast-paced world we live in I know that’s what I want. Answers and results . . . Right NOW!

How will I help you Learn to Fall Asleep Effortlessly?

• By changing the way you think so you can stop being your own worst enemy when it comes to sleep.

• To take better control of your life so you will finally take the reins on how well you sleep at night.

• Learn one simple step that your doctor is too “embarrassed” to share with you that will help you sleep better! You’re going to love this!

• Of course nothing seems to work for you. You were always missing some of the key pieces. Inside my book you will finally put the sleep puzzle together.

• You will be left with a sense of liberation at finally knowing how to help yourself in all aspects of your life that have been trickling down and sabotaging your chance at some good zzzzzz’s.

Sleeping soundly again sounds like a dream to you now, but believe me, I will help you get there and make you laugh a lot along the way. Let’s start your journey to night time Snoozeville right now! See you inside!

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