Insomnia Poems | Can’t Sleep? Count Sheep

Emma Hope, is a bestselling poet and campaigner. She offers an interesting selection of poems on the theme of insomnia in her latest collection of poetry: ‘Insomnia Poems: Can’t Sleep? Count Sheep…’

So many suffer in silence from this affliction, and her anthology offers sympathy and compassion as it runs through the various thoughts that insomniacs may have. Using imagery that illuminates the subject, Emma tries to bring to attention a subject area that people have a shared understanding of, yet which is not commonly discussed openly.

The sense of ennui that insomniacs may suffer from addressed by this collection of poetry, which has been written as a tonic for insomniacs to read while trying to get to sleep.

Emma Hope has also written ‘Christmas with M.E. and Fibro’, which was a number 1 bestseller in the Kindle women’s poetry section, as was her anthology ‘ You Can’t See M.E. or Fibro.’ Emma feels passionately that poetry can be used as a way of assisting those with illnesses both in reading it, and writing it themselves.

Emma Hope’s verses are written to challenge stereotypes, and her post-modern approach offers a mixture of traditional and contemporary themes and also styles. Insomnia is a theme that many of her friends share, and she feels that it is an important subject to those in pain, but also those who lead busy stressful lives. She hopes that her poetry may bring solace to some sufferers, who may in turn be encouraged to write their own poetry. Poetry and empowerment are importantly linked, and Emma uses poetry as a way of trying to assist people in dealing with the psychological effects of insomnia, in this anthology.

Purchasing this anthology means that 100% of the proceeds go to a charity that empowers young people in Africa. This book is on sale in paperback form also. Please feel free to leave feedback.