100% American Natural Sleep Aid To Counter Insomnia

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An ever growing number of our customers are finding that MAXSleep is helping them enjoy and experience deep, restful sleep. For them, tossing and turning on the bed at night and morning grogginess are things of the past!

Our unique blend of Melatonin, GABA and Valerian is not only helping people to get deep, restful, night long sleep but they are also waking up more refreshed than ever before.

Melatonin is the recommended herbal supplement by Naturopathic doctors (NDs) for supporting restful sleep and for supporting circadian rhythm.

GABA is proven as the herbal supplement that enhances relaxation and calmness, which helps you unwind to get ready for sleep.

Valerian has been one of the natural sleep remedies since the times of ancient Greek and Roman empires.

All these are combined in MAXSleep to help relax your mind, for a deep, sound, uninterrupted, sleep every night, so you wake up feeling fresh and re-energized every morning.

Why is MAXSleep better than the competition?

Its simple really. MAXSleep is a 100% all American product, manufactured at FDA registered and cGMP practicing facilities. It is important for us at Psych Naturals that our products contain the finest quality ingredients and they must go through the strictest of processes to ensure Quality.

Since it is non-addictive, you can always start and stop taking MAXSleep as and when you like. Being a natural product, side effects are absolutely zero.

Enjoy Pharmaceutical Grade 60 Vegetarian Capsules in a neatly packaged bottle.

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